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East of England

The East of England is made up of 6 counties: Bedfordshire, Cambridge, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk. 

It's one of the most diverse regions of the UK. With a great mix of urban areas, both old and new, with nearly 300 miles of coastline, the UK's largest forest park at Thetford and the world renowned wetlands known as the Norfolk Broads.

With a population of over 5.5 million, the lowest crime rates and highest life expectancy, the East of England's economy is one of the strongest and fastest growing of any region in the UK.

The East of England is the ideas region and has loads to offer graduates, whatever industry you're looking to work in or company large or small.

The area is proud to be a region of firsts. The first commercial jet liner was built here, the atom was discovered and DNA's double-helix structure first revealed. The mobile phone was invented here and the first ever x-ray performed. It's not surprising then that the region is home to over 30 of the world's leading research centres offering loads of opportunities for bright graduates interested in creating the "world firsts" of tomorrow.

There's also a thriving media industry, with half of the UK's studios and production facilities based here. Famous studios include Leavesden, where blockbusters such as Harry Potter and Goldeneye were filmed, and Elstree Studios, home to Big Brother and Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

The region is popular with graduates because of the great mix or urban areas and close by countryside. The transport systems great for commuters and housing is more affordable than can be found in the capital.

Most importantly, the region offers graduates opportunity with a range of top employers, research and development positions and support for budding entrepreneurs too.